Hangin' @ Rocktoberfest in Palm Springs

Sept. 26-28 2003 - A very busy September came to a rockin' close with a 3 day free outdoor festival in downtown Palm Springs. The backstage area seemed like the lobby of 1650 Broadway, circa 1966. 

all photos below by Allan Rinde


Toni visits with the Angels -(l-r)  Peggy Santiglia Davison, Barbara Allbut, Toni, Jiggs Allbut Sirico. Barbara has not sung with or even seen the group in some time (and didn't perform here), but came up from her home on the ocean just to visit with her old group mates.

Lou Christie with his girls. All of them have sung background on various recordings. 

B.J Thomas and Toni share a laugh. Toni sang on some of B.J.'s 70's recordings, and B.J. recorded her song "Beautiful Things For You" (co-written with Barry Mason) for an ABC-Paramount LP.

Lou and Toni strike a pose!

Reunions were the theme of the weekend. Here, 3 of the original Tokens have a rare get-together. Mitch Margo & Phil Margo, seated, perform with the West Coast Tokens, while Jay Siegel (next to Toni)  heads his own East Coast lineup. Extreme right is Billy Reed, former member of the Halos and currently touring with Jay Siegel's Tokens.

In addition to their best known hit, "Nag," the Halos provided background voices on many New York based hits. For some reasons, these male background singers don't get talked about as much as the girls. Has there ever been a Boy Group compilation?

Is Little Anthony actually bigger than Little Toni, or is this just an optical illusion?

Eddy Rezzonico of the Tokens (& a former Passion) and Toni share a moment of amazement. 

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Mike Franklin, (l), chats with Billy Reed and Toni during a break in the action. Mike not only produced the musical events (did we mention that there was also a classic car show, and the usual trappings of a street fair?), but also led the band that backed most of the performers, Rockin' Robin.


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